Myofascial Therapy

Do we do massage or myofascial therapy?

Many patients walk out proclaiming that the “massage” in our office is the best they have ever had. We’ll take that compliment but the reality is that most of what our office actually does are forms of “myofascial therapy”. It is a higher level of service than traditional massage.

Myofascial therapy, sometimes referred to as Myofascial Release or MFR, differs from massage. Whereas basic massage (aka Swedish massage) may be relaxing or stimulating, myofascial therapy, as performed in the Accident and Injury Center of Alaska, serves to increase your ability to move in more normal, pain-free, ranges of motion; to increase the ability of your myofascial tissue move more freely; and to facilitate a return to functional activities of your daily life. It serves to decrease the formation of adhesions that may cause chronic pain syndromes if left untreated. Myofascial therapy is beneficial and may be effective in all stages of healing; acute, subacute and chronic. Depending on your presentation, our techniques may also include neuromuscular therapy, positional release, stretching and nearly any therapeutic technique performed manually for these purposes.