Work Injuries

Do you have a work-related or job-related claim in Alaska? Most industrial, construction, or office work-related injuries that occur while an Alaskan worker is on the job must be handled as a Workers’ Compensation claim.

Work injuries can be the result of:

  • Accidents (i.e. falling or lifting lifting)
  • Repetitive trauma (e.g. repetitive use of computers that leads to carpal tunnel)

In Alaska, employees have the right to choose their doctor and claim Workers’ Compensation benefits just as they have the right to other benefits like health insurance or unemployment. Alaskan employees have specific rights and responsibilities when filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. As the treating physician, we have our responsibilities as well. After you report your injury to your employer, bring a copy of this report to our office where we will perform an examination, take any necessary x-rays and file a Physician’s Initial Report. If you are injured at work, we recommend you seek treatment as soon as possible. Because there are specific timelines and forms, be sure to advise Dr. Richey that you were injured on-the-job.