New Patient Information

Dr. Richey has been voted “Best Chiropractor”. He receives referrals from local orthpedic surgeons and primary care doctors. He is extremely comprehensive and thorough. Therefore, we generally ask that you allow about 2 hours for your first appointment.

First Appointment Procedures:

1. New Patient Paperwork:

2. Consultation:

You’ll meet Dr. Richey. He will review your health history and discuss your concerns as well as advise you whether or not he feels he could help you. If he does not believe he can help you, he may refer you to the appropriate doctor.

3. Examination:

Next, Dr. Richey will perform a physical examination including Orthopedic, Neurological, and Physiological tests to assist him in his thorough evaluation of your condition and to help determine the underlying causes of your presenting symptoms.

xray4. X-ray Exam:

If necessary, specific Digital X-ray views may be taken to help visualize the location of any spinal problems, reveal any pathology and make your care options more precise.

5. Evaluation:

Before proper care can be rendered, Dr. Richey will study your exam findings, X-rays and test results to prepare for his discussion with you that day or on your next appointment to review his findings and discuss an appropriate personalized treatment plan to assist in your recovery.

Your first visit is complete. Plan to spend another 30-45 minutes on this visit or your next to receive the doctor’s report of findings and recommended plan of care. That’s it!

6. Until Your Follow up Appointment:

Dr. Richey may suggest the application of ice, heat, or the use of some other procedure to help reduce inflammation and make you more comfortable.

What To Expect Your Next Visit…

Consultation and Treatment Review:

If he hadn’t already done so, Dr. Richey will share with you your X-rays and test results, review his findings, and provide you with specific care recommendations and your personalized plan of treatment.



Our services are covered by most Health Insurances, Alaska Workers Compensation, and Automobile Insurers. If an accident was not your fault, we can often care for you and wait be paid afterwards. Should you need and hire legal counsel, we will promptly transfer your information to the attorney of your choosing when you have finished with your care. Every case is different, so feel free to call or come in and speak with our friendly and helpful staff. Let us help you.

At Accident & Injury Center most major insurance policies provide coverage for our treatment including Allstate, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, USAA, Farmers, Federal Blue Cross, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Meritain, UnitedHealthcare.