What is it with Wheat and Why?
by Dr. David Richey

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Recently, there has been a huge harvest of articles about those avoiding wheat because of fears of ingesting gluten. Gluten is a Latin word meaning glue. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

Often “gluten-free” is written on labels of food products. All too often the only reason it reads “gluten-free” is because the product is not made from a grain containing gluten. But are wheat, barley and rye really the culprits or is it something about today’s grains that is different?

As I understand it the jury is still out on farming practices today as to whether or not these changes are adversely affecting our health. One controversial issue is the process in which grains are grown and harvested has changed. The weed killer (herbicide) chemical, glyphosate (found in Round Up) along with other chemicals are commonly sprayed over grains to kill the plant prior to its harvesting. The grain seeds then expand and “pop” making them easier to harvest and increase their yield.

Unfortunately, glyphosate, along with other chemicals, may cause adverse effects in the physiology of animals (including us) such that swelling of the lining of the intestinal tract leading to, among other conditions, “leaky gut syndrome”, irritable bowel syndrome, hormone changes, headaches and allergies. When the lining of the gut becomes inflamed, it is believed to become more porous such that substances in the gut leak into the bloodstream potentially wreaking havoc on overall health.

It appears the best advice may be to either be out with wheat, barley and rye altogether or search for “organic” products at least until the verdicts are in.

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