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Nutrition Anchorage AK Wellness

When making any lifestyle change, whether getting started on a new dietary regimen or a new exercise program, it is always better to start by adding good or positive things first, and then discontinue the bad habits later or simply let them fall away.  By taking the “add positive first” approach, there is not the ...


How much “sugar” can we eat – how much is too much?


A common question patients have is why they should worry about how much “sugar” they eat if they are not diabetic. All too often, the patient is a diabetic and just doesn’t know it yet. Many times, a person that has to get up more than once a night to urinate is such a person. ...


No Carb and Low Carb Diets, What's The Difference?

Anchorage Diet Management

Back in our earliest ancestor's years, they naturally followed a no-carb diet as they hadn't learned how to cultivate grains. They relied solely on protein and fat up until about 10,000 years ago when "modern humans" discovered agriculture. If the diet rich in protein and fat had not worked for our ancestors then they would ...