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When making any lifestyle change, whether getting started on a new dietary regimen or a new exercise program, it is always better to start by adding good or positive things first, and then discontinue the bad habits later or simply let them fall away.  By taking the “add positive first” approach, there is not the ...


What is it with Wheat and Why?


Recently, there has been a huge harvest of articles about those avoiding wheat because of fears of ingesting gluten. Gluten is a Latin word meaning glue. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Often “gluten-free” is written on labels of food products. All too often the only reason it reads “gluten-free” is because ...


Harvesting Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Anchorage

Good Nutrition Anchorage

The way you eat your vegetables can affect the amount of nutrition you gain from them. Generally, the freshest and less processed vegetables will supply you with the most nutrients. Immediately after the harvest the nutrients in a vegetable will start to deteriorate, including the anti-oxidants. The sooner you eat a vegetable after it has ...